We sit down with famed German electronic act Kollektiv Turmstrasse to discuss his new party YAP (You Are Perfect). We talk diversity, ethos and inspiration, and the different ends of the musical spectrum the soundtrack will bring…

Hey!!! How has 2023 been for you so far?

Hey there! It’s been very hectic, but in the best possible way, I’d say!

I’ve started the year straight away with my freshly launched YAP event series in London, Hamburg and other major cities in Europe, followed up by a big North America tour and all of that while I’ve finished the new album. So quite a lot going on at the moment and I couldn’t be happier with the most recent development.

When did you first have the idea to start your own party YAP?

Mhh.. good question! The whole concept of YAP (=You Are Perfect) and the idea of creating a new colourful & distinct space for urban dance music was already haunting my head for a couple of years. However, it’s been last year’s summer when I created the YAP EP and forged my sound and artistic development over the past years into one coherent concept.

What’s the thinking behind it, what is the ethos?

YAP embodies the core foundations of what electronic music culture is for me – inclusivity, diversity, open-mindedness, community and love. Combining a range of established and emerging talents, we try to uphold those values on selected dance floors throughout Europe.

What’s the soundtrack? What guests will play?

Not so easy to answer since we broke with the concept of serving one enclosed sub-genre only. Instead, YAP is representing a multifaceted output of music that can range from house, breaks or techno to more ravey or eclectic sounds whilst still following the red string of warm and friendly vibes central to YAP’s ethos.

Will you play more broad yourself with it being your own party?

Although it’s truly a special feeling to play at my own events, I’ve always felt comfortable digging into different soundscapes during my performances since it’s about the music and not the genres. This has always been part of the Kollektiv Turmstrasse identity.

How did you chose the venue in Amsterdam and what made this one right?

Since YAP is a quite unique concept that breaks with many rules, we’ve wanted to choose a venue that reflects all those characteristics and Het Sieraad is the perfect pick for this. With its historical background of being a school that now turned into a dance music venue during the night, it’s undeniably a one-of-a-kind location that breaks the norm as much as YAP does.

Tell us about the production, lights, visuals and sound – what thought has gone into that?

As multifaceted as the sound of YAP is, as multicoloured are the visuals. For the whole tour, we’re collaborating with Klub Artefakt, who created outstanding live visuals displayed on large LED screens, live-modulated with custom colour, shape and light compositions for each artist playing to create a super nice audiovisual experience. But it’ll be easier if you see it yourself. 😉

Talking about our visual concept: I have to say thank you to our graphic design superstar Ken Hanamura, who developed the whole look and feel of YAP. This guy is a genius – and he brought YAP to life in visual terms.

How important to you is it to be diverse in your programming and include all races, sexualities and genders?

Very important! Equality, diversity and inclusivity are some of the main values of electronic music culture and accordingly important for the curation of all YAP shows. And the same goes for our audience: Everybody is loved, everybody is welcome! You are Perfect!

What are you most excited about for this new party?

As someone new to curating line-ups, I’m pumped to put together programs that mix longtime friends, fresh talent, and all the brilliant artists I hold in high regard. I’m genuinely curious to see what kind of unique and unconventional combos we’ll come up with in the future.

Grab your tickets for Kollektiv Turmstrasse pres. YAP with Terr & MIURA event in Amsterdam this Saturday 25th March