“Pigeon-holing is a loser’s game, why not appreciate good music simply because it’s good music, not because it’s a specific style.” Electronica next to techno mixed with bass and (deep) house – Jorn Liefdeshuis has enamored the Dutch party crowd with his great sense of mixing music. The ability of uniting various genres has gained recognition through his performances at renowned 5 Days Off, Pitch and Lowlands.

Liefdeshuis has not focused only on his artistic career. Jorn is the originator of Pixel, a concept of romantic club music, that saw first daylight in Club 11 in 2005. He has continued to organise the parties under the name ‘Bar Weining’ (the Dutch pun: Hardly Anything) at Melkweg Amsterdam and Utrecht’s Tivoli. Recently the Pixel concept has triumphally revived in legendary Trouw Amsterdam where Jorn played an impressive b2b set with Midland.

Pixel is now an alter ego of Jorn, who is putting all his heart into creating a family-like atmosphere among the artists sharing same musical views as him. Over the past years he has invited and played with artists like James Holden, Luke Abbott, Gold Panda, Mount Kimbie and James Blake. Great live shows and hard work on Pixel concept have positioned Jorn Liefdeshuis as one of Amsterdam’s most exciting DJs.

Next Monday’s Hangover, a name that already calls for questions, is not just a regular organization. With their conceptual art, decoration and surprises they stand out in what they do. Their sound can be defined as forward thinking melodic techno with a touch of deep house. However, there is not always need for a continuous beat or groove. Epic storytelling electronic atmospheres is what can be heard at NMH. There is always a bit of a mystery around them. Their locations, openings times, line ups and areas are often one of a kind. This mini festival will again show their unique style, doing what they truly love.


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8th of September | DOK 2013 (New Location) | NMH Festival | Tickets