Are you in need of a workout? Or just tired of slaving away in that smelly, sweat-drenched gym? Well, in London there’s a brand new alternative. It involves DJs, a dance floor and a crowd consisting of people on their way to work.

In Village Underground, a club in Shoreditch (London), you can walk in at 7AM and see a familiar setting. There is a DJ playing some nice tunes, there’s a bar, and of course a dance floor with people on it that are having a great time. But there’s something not quite right after you a second look. Because why is everybody drinking fruit smoothies, and why does everybody look like they’ve just started their day? That’s because today Village Underground is the home of a morning rave. The concept is this: people get up a little bit earlier than usual to come here before work and have a quick party, go nuts (without alcohol or drugs) and then head to the office. Brilliant idea or a very bad excuse to be late for work?

morning glory 2

Events organiser Samantha Moyo, who co-runs it with massage therapist Nico Theommes, sais: “It’s the way to wake up, but there’s also something about doing it with everybody else. There’s something almost tribal about it.” Their first 6.30 session last week attracted 200 people eager for an early workout and was such a success that they plan to hold regular monthly sessions at Village Underground.Moyo added: “There were corporate types, creatives and all ages. The turn-out was great and the energy was amazing.

”The peak time is said to be between 7:30am-8:30am, so people pop in before they go to work at 9am. Freelancers come in later and stay until the end of the event. An incognito team of hired dancers and actors make sure that everybody is moving and feeling comfortable. A good idea, considering that there aren’t any social lubricants available at the smoothie bar, so your party switch has to be turned on au naturel.morning glory 3

‘Morning Glory’ is now a monthly recurring event, with its next edition being held on the 26th of March. Now let’s see whether people will still go to work in London in a year’s time, for Samantha and Nico are expanding the concept to other locations in the city as we speak, because of its incredible popularity.

Morning Glory