In dance, as in life, many blindly look toward industry “big boys”, but here at DHA we like to look at the residents, many of whom are often underestimated or undervalued. Additionally, the number of female DJs representing underground dance music still seems rather low despite the abundance of existing talent.  With this, we invited Iris Menza to show the world her chops on the decks, proving that the era of the prominent female DJ is nigh (and not a moment too soon).

Raised in the proximity of Belgian metropolis Antwerp and electrified by the atmosphere created by underground club DJs, Iris Menza was interested in one thing when she grew up: music! Soon she discovered nightlife. Realised she wanted more then just to dance she quickly invested in her first set of turntables. Only three months after she touched her first turntable, Iris made her first steps into the scene and soon became a resident in an afterclub.

If this rise wasn’t be fast enough, she found herself performing at the massive Tomorrowland only a few month later. More recently Iris participated in a deep-techno project, bringing in a fresh vibe to modern day Techno and leading to more performances on Tomorrowland’s stages in 2013 and 2014.

By now her success has led her to play at gigs in Sicily, Milano, Geneva, Germany, Turkey, France and Holland and since 2015 she entered the Kunstgeschwister bookings agency family in Germany. At this moment Iris is researching new musical possibilities, setting out the future’s framework. So keep an eye out.

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