Following a serious fire back in January that claimed much of its inventory, the much loved Dutch summer venue Woodstock’69 will be back in action next week.

Located in North Holland’s Bloemndaal, the first events will see Woodstock and Gallowstreet residents, as well as Hunee and Gerd Janson (3-5 June). Âme (June 10) drops by the following week, followed by Hernan Cattaneo (July 10), and Mano Le Tough (August 21). Surely more names will drop in the coming days as well.

The January 18th fire destpryed the venues storage room, which resulted in the loss of vital equipment. This meant a delayed start to the upcoming season and even concerns that the venue may not open again.

The team issued a statement on the matter to RA, “We were shaken up, but the team came together really quickly afterwards to make a a plan to reopen as soon as possible. After the news got out, so many people supported us. From collections to people who wanted to help rebuild, it was amazing to see so many people come together and show their love.”