Ben Pearce is more than a well known DJ and Producer, he is one of the key representatives of the UK house scene. His broad knowledge of music and genres, together with his ability to sense good music everywhere at any time, results in the incredible ability to actually play across a wide range of musical genres and rock the DJ booths not only in the UK but around the world. On December 20th he will show this again at Valhalla Festival in Amsterdam. 

His incredible skills behind the decks have not gone unnoticed, which secured him high-profile sets alongside the likes of Seth Troxler, Eats Everything and Theo Parrish. Apart from DJing he possesses an incredible skill to remix, which he has proven numerous times and will continue so in the future!

His most recently launched new showcase called the “Sextape Series” is something you should definitely put into your party agenda for next year. Ben is forward-driven with the conviction and certitude of someone who knows his dominance of clubland has only just begun…

We chatted with Chef Ben Pearce about the “dark side of the moon” or Ben’s not so secret passion for gourmet food. He reveals a lot about his motivation to take on various challenges in the kitchen, and his favorite recipes. You will find out some interesting information about his upcoming appearance at Valhalla festival and projects that he has been cooking for you!

We have seen around your socials that you have another serious passion apart from music, which is cooking and gourmet food. Where did that come from?
I’ve always loved food but it’s only the last few years I really started to cook more and try and experiment. I watch loads of food programmes and go to amazing restaurants whenever I can, it’s so rewarding to be able to create it too. Me and my girlfriend cook a lot together, it’s something to share, I don’t cook for myself really.

Do you think that cooking is another form of art, which allows you to express your inner self?
Of course it is, I’ve got to a stage now where I’m thinking of recipes myself instead of following them from books. Then when I eat the dish, I’m making notes in my phone on how it could be improved.

How do you find the time and energy to create your gourmet “cookbook” in between all the touring?
It’s like meditation for me, I’m constantly thinking about music/on social media/listening to music, to be able to just solely think about one task for a couple of hours is very relaxing for the mind. I don’t do it every night, my girlfriend is a great cook too so sometimes I just get to enjoy eating!

What is your favorite dish to cook and for whom do you enjoy cooking the most?
I love cooking seasonally, creating dishes that really reflect what’s going on in nature/weather, so at the moment it’s all about game. I cooked venison last night with some earthy vegetables. I’ve got some plans to make some wild duck tortellini this week if I get the time. Also quail’s are amazing this time of year, I’ll probably grab a few of them next week.

Serving plain pasta is like a mixtape with 1 track on repeat. How do you keep the creativity going in both?
It’s just a passion for me, when you have a passion in something you have no problem in creating in it. Sometimes it doesn’t go well, but you always go back to it.

Recently, we had an interview with your good friend Huxley and we found out that good food is a big passion of his as well. Next to cooking up a good set together, have you ever cooked B2B?
We cooked at his house once, it wasn’t anything monstrous just some good steak and vegetables. Maybe we should do it at ADE next year? That would be hilarious I’m sure.

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