This feels wrong. Shouldn’t we just keep the myth around you alive with some bad ass anecdote?I arrived in Pisa at the airport. All of a sudden this drug sniffing dog takes a seat next to my bag. Great. So I was picked out of the line by airport security and before I knew it I was standing butt-naked in a questioning room as they were going through all my stuff and my clothes. Turned out there was some substance residue in my bag. At one point a guy walks up to me with a glove – planning to give me a proper search.. I told him: “no fucking way dude, that’s not gonna happen”. Thankfully I was able to talk myself out of the frisk, so I was able to get out of there and out of the airport unharmed. Then the driver, who had been waiting in the arrival hall, came to meet me and asked me in this great Italian accent: “So Boris, grande Boris, what do you want for tonight?”. So I asked him: “Well, maybe it’s a little weird, but do you guys have crack?” While he didn’t really get what I was talking about, he actually called up the promotor of the club to go and arrange some crack haha! I was laughing my ass off. Then during diner at the club the promotor comes up to me and asks me: Boris! What is this.. crack? So I explained that it was a joke but he still didn’t quite get it. Ever since I have still been waiting for the first promoter to actually hand me a crackrock backstage.”

You just passed the bad boy test! I think this is a perfect ending to the interview.

Boris Werner will play at three events during ADE: D-Edge Presents Black Belt (Oct 15, Baut), Watergate x Keinemusik (Oct 18, Studio 80) & Drukpers (19 Oct, Trouw).

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