Is Premiesku a permanent or a temporary project?
Well, nothing lasts forever but we certainly have the intention to keep this project going for as long as we find meaning, purpose and inspiration within the boundaries of the concept. As soon as we developed the right sound we wanted to achieve and reached the point we considered ourself ready and mature enough to get it out in the way we saw it in our minds, we didn’t think twice. We feel we are only at the beginning of our journey with Premiesku as in the grand scheme of things we haven’t even scratched the surface, so you can certainly expect to hear a lot more from us, for many years to come.

A trio in electronic music is kind of unusual. How did you decide to get together and start this project?
It all started in a totally organic way when we began working on music together in the studio, all three of us jamming away with out machines without no plans or idea for what we eventually ended up doing right now. The rest just fell in place with time, the concept evolved slowly and actually it keeps evolving with every day gone by. We are more like an electronica band, or like a jazz trio with drum machines and synths. We trusted our intuition and we believed in our philosophy of doing a live act. This was the main purpose and our goal. We realised we wanted to present this project to an audience and create a pure dancefloor experience and for this it’s necessary for all of us to be present in the moment. Each one of us is bringing his own vibe, so it’s important to be presented like this. Imagine a jazz trio without the drummer…

You guys started your relationship with Desolat about 2 years ago when your debut album was released by them. What do you like the most about working with this label?
Actually Premiesku started the collaboration with Desolat in 2009, many years ago :). We always liked the way they understand and experienced our music, a very nice clear bound we would say. Loco loved our sound and he constantly played out our productions, he trusted us and presented our work in the best possible way. We share a mutual respect for the art, nothing to add, just a natural participation. It has been amazing working with Desolat over the years as we both share a no compromise approach to our work, which is a rare thing in the age of quantity and volume we live in right now. They take care of every little aspect of putting a record out to the highest standard possible, just like we take care of every little hi-hat, kick drum and tiny little sound in our tracks, so it has been a great mutual partnership centred around a certain working ethic of no compromise attitude. We like that a lot and can’t be happier to have such brilliant platform for our work.

In the beginning of this month you had a new release of 8 sublime tracks, again on Desolat. Can you tell us more about it?
Sure, first of all it’s very exciting to send music to a label because you really don’t know what to expect, if they like it or not. So we sent a selection of tracks to Desolat to have a listen, to see if they fit and of course to choose the ones they like. Was a very nice surprise that they kept all for the release. At the end it’s like a mini album and we didn’t expect that. As for the rest we let the music do the talking 🙂

There are some magazines and platforms that elaborate on EP and LP reviews a bit too much and the room for personal interpretation is almost gone. What is your opinion on that?
I think magazines and platforms reviews should be taken also as personal interpretation, as an article regarding a track or a release is written by a person.
We believe that personal interpretation is extremely important. When you experience it by yourself and you’re not influenced, you can come up with whatever or a lot of different subtleties. It’s so interesting to see how different the reactions can be and I think it’s amazing to have your own experience as a listener. When you create a track you experience different feelings and get inspired from different ideas and I believe it’s fair for the listener to have the chance to do the same, a process of creativity. At the end of the day music is a totally subjective thing and even inside Premiesku we don’t necessarily see things in the same way all the time, but that’s the beauty of it.

The underground scene in Romania has been booming for the last couple of years. What is it that creates this creative environment for local artists to develop at this speed, and for the country to be so attractive to respected DJs from all over the world?
Maybe it’s all about the true-born, really, I think it’s a bit of magic going on 🙂 Some kind of deepness which can’t be explained. People are just going in the same direction following a certain pattern. It’s a kind of unison, the artisan and the consumer, they are so good together, such a coherent relation, a perfect bound. I love it!!!

Romania is also hosting one of the craziest festivals in the summer, Sunwaves festival in Mamaia. Rarely one can see such a line up, and witness some of these names like Richie Hawtin and Villalobos playing longer than 2 hrs. Do you think that this festival is about to take on more underground artist or rather popular in the future?
We hope that this festival will keep it as it is. It’s an underground festival, that’s the beauty of it and it’s popularity is growing anyway. We think Sunwaves is a must-see, really special vibe. The Best!!