We know that Livio and Roby have played Sunwaves, but when is Premiesku going to perform there? Maybe 2015?
Livio & Roby and Premiesku played already, we certainly hope will keep repeating that, so keep an eye out :).

Having played festivals like Time Warp, what is still an event or a place that you’d really like to play and why?
Time Warp is just another planet really. Everyone that has been there will tell you that, so we would certainly love to play there again as well as many other festivals. There are so many beautiful places, clubs and festivals, really can’t pick one in particular. Every place has it’s own vibe, different than the other and we would like to experience all of them as there are too different from each other to pick favourites. You can’t compare apples with pears, so we’d like to taste both please 🙂

You guys have a very innovative live setup, entirely analog. How did the idea emerge for creating such consoles?
That’s a long story but we’ll try to sum it up. The consoles are made from different parts; synths, effect units and drum machines hooked up differently for the sake of maximum creativity during the performance and minimum hassle in the stage setup and transportation to the show. We wanted to give people a glimpse of what’s happening in the studio and of course we wanted to create a real live act with analog stuff, drum machines, old samplers, fx, etc. We believe that real machines behave like instruments, so we need to program our instruments in order to generate a vibe. It’s a creative process in the end and it’s nice to share that, it’s beautiful to line up these machines live, it’s challenging and interactive.

After you decided what exactly you wanted to create as equipment for yourself, what difficulties did you encounter until you brought it to existence?
The question is what difficulties we didn’t encounter really. It was a massively complicated process, from the stage of creating the concept, getting all the different machines and components to work smoothly alongside each other, through to the execution of every little aspect of the project such as cutting new custom boxes and rethinking the layout of each console. Was really hard to fulfil this mission. We brought a bunch of different components together and they all had incredibly diverse original applications, so that in itself was a total nightmare as we had performance instruments sitting right next to studio tools all taken out of their default context. We had great support from people around us, 2 super talented engineers from different parts of the country helped us finish the project. We had logistics problems, travelling from one place to another, that was difficult. In the end we overcame all the challenges and managed get to a point where we are very comfortable with our setup, so it was worth going through all the headaches and certainly kept things interesting for us as we get bored easily.

What should we expect in 2015 from Premiesku?
New music and surprising live performances… like always :). Some rumors regarding a new album maybe… keep an ear to the ground!

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