What about the other cities you will visit?

Every city is a small journey on its own for me. From what I could see on my first tour it seemed that the local techno/house scenes are vibrant but reasonably small. Even though Techno and House music has landed in China like two decades ago it’s still very much underground.

We have little knowledge of electronic music in China. Is there a difference per city as to how present deep house is in the Far East?
To be honest, there is still so much to discover for me. I can’t give a good opinion on this because cities are just so big and I’ve only been there once. What I can say is that deep house is harder to find than a Karaoke bar.

Let’s talk about your music; your DJ sets are always solid, constructively set up and with a clear signature sound/vibe of your own. Compliments on that, we look forward to hear your podcast on our channel. How is your work in the studio progressing lately? What releases do you have in store for us the coming months?
I’m really having the best time ever right now. I just had some really nice releases on Sincopat last year, form which I got loads of positive feedback from all over the world. I’m really happy with the place I’ve got in Stalker and also my studio set up where I feel absolutely free to create the music I like. Release-wise, two highlights are coming up: an EP on Spagat in April and I’m also thrilled about an EP coming up on a Mexican record label named Tenampa. Remix duties on that last one are taken care of by a really big name. I really wish I could give you a name.

Good news, could you give us a hint on your secret remixer?
Can’t say much yet but it has been one of my favourites ever since I started DJ’ing so it is really awesome he is now doing a remix.

How do you typically work? Do you go into the studio with a full pre-set idea for a track or do you play around until you find the right vibe and develop an idea around it on the spot?
I try something different every time but lots is depending on my mood. My general way of living is to live day by day as much as possible. I guess this also transcends on how I work in the studio.

Where do your musical roots lie?
The first strong memories I have on this topic are playing vinyl from Michael Jackson next to playing the piano for days. After practice I loved to freestyle along with jazz music by The Pim Jacobs Trio for instance. When I was around 10 years old I started getting interested in my older brothers music who was busy collecting all the house party CD’s and later on became a gabber of the first hour. During the high school days there was also a lot of hip hop music. But it was when my best mate’s parent’s introduced me to spacey electronic music from artists like Leftfield and Underworld that I got blown away by it. Being really interested and looking for more the unexpected happened. In 1997 my economics teacher in High school handed me a CD, Mix Up vol2 by Jeff Mills. This was the start of the life I’m still living today.

That’s an inspiring story, but how does an economics teacher give a 16 year old a Jeff Mills cd?
I was listening to some music during a test, of course he checked if I wasn’t cheating. He told me he’d hand me some proper music. “Yeah right”, I thought.

How do you describe what you do to your grandmother?
She’s connected, no need to explain. She even told me she would love to sing in one of my songs. Yes, I’m worried about this too.

If you must choose where to play: a sunny Lowlands stage in the Netherlands or the Panorama bar in Berlin and why?
I’d choose the club; I love to stay connected with the people I play for. The venues I choose for the tour are all medium sized clubs. I think this connection between a DJ and the crowd is important. Though seeing multiple thousands of people going banana’s in front of you is also quite nice of course haha.

How do you prepare for a gig, do have any ‘out of the ordinary’ rituals before going on stage?
I spend a lot of time preparing and looking for new records. Before I go to the gig I make a selection of tracks, which I think will suit the venue and my spot on the line-up. Of course I always prepare for things when the occasion occurs that things get out of hand. You just never know what happens or where you end up at the end of the night.

Which DJ from Amsterdam would you tip us to keep an eye on this year?
Hmm yes, there’s one artist that I feel, has something special, his name is Satori. I’m sorry he’s not from Amsterdam but he did give a special album release showcase in Amsterdam just a few weeks ago. I think he’ll be filling out a lot of visa application forms in the future.

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