This Wednesday the trailblazing Australian indie-dance duo Flight Facilities (interview) will touch down in Amsterdam for their long-awaited gig in de Melkweg. The purveyors of happy and highly danceable music will be giving a set that’s just a little different than you’re used to from other DJs, just as they can afford to consistently release only one track a year. In fact, it’s the winning formula for the act. For there is no chance that you missed ‘Crave You’, ‘Clair De Lune’ or more recently ‘Stand Still’, right?

Hugo & Jimmy, aka Flight Facilities, met each other through the partying circuit in Sydney, where they soon found out they had the same colorful musical tastes, like Quincy Jones, Daft Punk, The Chemical Brothers and some older music from acts like ELO, Chic, Billy Joel or The Doobie Brothers. With one of the guys working in a pizza shop above a pizza place (and constant deliveries to that studio) finally made it crystal clear what their common goal was going to be: to make music together

Flight Facilities – ‘Triple j Mix Up Exclusives’: 1972-1982

“Crave You” would be the Aeroplane-approved breakout single of the two: “Not your everyday club banger, but far more languid, more refined. Think radiant dance pop infused with luscious keys, dusty beat work and the coquettish purr of Melbourne songwriter Giselle Rosselli”. Next to the track becoming a club and festival favorite, “Crave You” would get a tremendous amount of airplay time on the radio and received remixes from Cassian, Graz and The C90s. Hell, even gossip queen Perez Hilton gave it his praise.

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Since Crave You, Flight Facilities have been unstoppable. Next to becoming stars in their home country they have been taking over the rest of the world piece by piece. World tours and new releases have made sure of just that. Now their touring schedule has finally made them find their way to the Netherlands again, the first time since their memorable performance at Open Air last June. This time they’ll make their way to de Melkweg, an intimate venue that will probably do well for the tunes coming out of the speakers this Wednesday.
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Warming up for the boys are Doppelgang, a DJ duo that is beginning to make some waves in the Dutch scene. A taste for funky, soulful sets will be the correct appetizer for the main act. Only two ore days and it’s time to fly!

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