If you’re a young budding producer who thinks that he isn’t getting the recognition he is supposed to have, then pay attention because this could be something for you. After the launch of the beta version during the Amsterdam Dance Event last year and the following release of the 2.0 version, Recyourself, an online music platform and -community, will post its first official top ten selection of uploaded tracks by aspiring young talent from the last months.

Recyourself‘s concept is this: everybody who wishes to participate can easily upload their original musical productions in one of the eight genres available (like house, deep house and techno). Users of the platform can vote on other people’s music, which eventually creates charts for the specific genres. Every genre will be represented by a renowned artist that is affiliated with that type of music. This ambassador will each month present his list of favourite uploads and will present this tracks and producers through his social media channels. This will help the beginning producers to gradually build a fanbase and make a name for themselves in the highly competitive world of a DJ/producer.

recyourself 1

Another feature of the new website are the possibilities to create your own playlists of favourite tracks which can also be shared with others through your personal profile, meaning that not only famous artists, but you as a user have a say in what’s hot or not. The organization behind Recyourself states that the goal of the platform is to give starting artists recognition with use of charts, and by offering uploaders things as webminars to develop their production skills, or by bringing very promising talent into contact with record labels.

So if you have been spending some time in your own home studio for a while now and think you can compete with the others, why not upload some your best work? Who knows what might happen..