A social agitator of club culture for some years now, enthusiastic, expert and passionate; a musician of a more classic background: that’s the mix from where Speaking Minds is born.

Simone Sinatti and Marco Paladin teamed up to find the perfect frame for their artistic circle, collecting very quickly fans from all over the world due to their releases in labels such as My Favorite Robot, AEON and Musica Autonomica played from the leading exponents of the scene. Their DJ Sets in the best parties and festivals around Europe just confirms what we were already expecting: a brilliant future for these guys. Just keep following them, you won’t be disappointed.

Today, Speaking Minds offers a special free download anticipating their forthcoming AEON EP. If this track sounds familiar, the likes of Adriatique have been hammering it out for nearly 2 years!

“Monongahela” be available 22 July w/ Alex Niggemann and Denis Horvat rmxs/edit on AEON

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