The highly regarded speaker manufacturer Funktion-One is set to release their new mixer, the FF6.2.

Build in cooperation with Formula Sound (the two companies had previously combined on the FF-6000 and the FF-4000 models), the new device is geared toward the high-end crowd as an analog DJ mixer. The 6 channel FF6.2 features such Funktion-One/Formula Sound nuances as metal EQs and flared fader caps, but also holds features and capabilities previously unseen on an analog mixer.

Without getting technical into the specs. (trust me, there is a lot that can be said), the FF6.2 features gold-plated XLR and 1/4 inch inputs, four-band full-kill EQs (tuned to offer DJs more control over their mixes spectral balance), and high-and low-pass filters, a mono option and pan control, and a level meter.

Priced at an eye-popping £2,683.33 (hence “high-end), Funktion-One maintains its position on highly specific materials and calibrations are to blame. Also, clearly the company is going for functionality over aesthetics, as the FF6.2 is hardly a draw to the eye. Regardless, with state of the art capabilities and, not to mention, the promise of a rotary version coming next year, the FF6.2 is sure to find its why into the booths of some of the world’s most discerning venues.

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