Luigi Madonna is an Italian techno titan. Releasing on titanic labels like Drumcode Records, Plus 8 and Analytic Trail, he has amassed an ever evolving discography of big and powerful tracks that rock giant clubs to their core.

This summer once again he is resident at Ibiza super club Amnesia, and later in the year he plays BPM Festival in Portugal on September 20th with a heavyweight selection of names.

Here we speak to the man about what makes Amnesia so special, what being Italian means to him and his views on Ibiza as well as much more.

“The world is changing so, of course, even the island is changing too”

How are you, whats good and whats bad right now?
Hi, I’m feeling very good, the summer has just started so I’m happy. Lots of good things are happening this summer, lots of festivals, my residency at Amnesia on Mondays… What’s bad Probably, I will not have time to go to the beach to relax myself till the end of August 🙂

You tour the world non stop – how do you stay fit and healthy and sane? What tips and tricks have you picked up over the years?
Yes I do travel the world, BUT I’m still try to find the right balance which sometimes seems to be ”mission impossible” but i have set myself to start some training very soon, so hopefully this will help me to get fit.. no matter what job we do we need to make sure we listen to our bodies.

Do you think being Italian means you have a certain characteristic to your sound? Detroit techno, Berlin techno, they both have their own identity. Is it the same in Italy?
Yes I think so, but being Italian is very generic and I’m not sure you can define your sound by that.. In my case, I’m from Naples and same as Detroit or Berlin our sound is very well know worldwide because we have our own identity characterised by a very warm bass-line and funky groove.

It’s summer soon – does techno work as well outdoors, in hot weather, as in dark clubs, do you think?
Yes the techno scene is in a great moment right now, lots of people follow it, and there are plenty of outdoor festivals where you can play really techno, but at the same time there are other places where you must play a bit softer then normal and I really like this too.

Can you remember the first time you went to Ibiza – what impression did it make?
Yes I will never forget that. I was only 19 years old and I was supposed to stay only for a week, it was beginning of July, and at the end together with my friends we decided to stay till end of the season.

We had no money, so I start work at the port for at the beginning of August and then I gave my notice by end of the month in order to enjoy Sept and the closing parties. It was an experience that changed my life.

How has the scene and style of the island changed in your view? Is it as special as ever?
The world is changing so of course even the island is changing too. Musically, every year or so there is a new style coming up, such as minimal, tech house, micro-techno, deep etc but I believe that house and techno are the main and this will never change in my opinion.

You play Amnesia this summer, why is it such a good place to play?
YES .. And I’m really happy about it. I love both of rooms, the main floor because you can play a bit harder and vibe and the energy is on next level, also I love to play with that sound system, it is definitely one of the best rooms to play for me… I never played in the terrance, I will play 2 times this summer but we all know that when the sun comes in that room is something special, the atmosphere is always magical.

Is it hard to connect with such a huge crowd? Do you have to play differently than usual?
I never feel hard to connected with people, it doesn’t matter if there are thousands or only a few hundreds, I always find a way to be with them. Before being a DJ I have been a raver, I’m coming from the dance floor so I have a huge understanding of what people are looking for.
Of course sometimes I have to change lately my style, not to much, still my own sound but probably presented differently and trying things that I don’t play so often

What else have you got coming up/are you excited by this summer?
I’m very excited because I have done some amazing tracks that I have to finish, I have to find some free time to spend in the studio, and I’m also working on my first album that should be out by next year.

Luigi Madonna plays Mondays at Amnesia for Pyramid

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