Last Friday, Music On kicked off its 7th season at Amnesia Ibiza with a massive event featuring Joey Daniel, Neverdogs, Stacey Pullen, Leon, and of course Marco Carola.

Setting the tone for the season with energy and atmosphere, the night was captured in a slew of images just ripe to bring on the FOMO….but, before you check the images below, this is what one of Music On’s core family members, Leon, had to say about the night:

“Music On opening party was absolutely great for me, I played 3 hours before Marco at the magical Terrace with a new impressive light show!!! The room was already full around 1am and it was so intense for me, I played a lot of demos and special bombs, from house music to minimal romanian, from my rework of Renegade Master to a new one, a classic of Donna Summer “I feel loved”, that was the highlight of my DJ set!
The party continued until 7am and another incredible moment was in the morning when the sun came up, the sun was shining and everybody was so happy. It was a true magical journey thanks to Marco’s music, that is always amazing!”

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