You regularly return to clubs in cities such as Florence, Rimini, and Bologna – places you’ve been performing at since early on in your career. What special quality is there in those Italian clubs that it is difficult to find abroad?

The cities that you just mentioned are the ones where – in the early beginning of our career –  promoters started to believe in us and gave us the opportunity to play on some important stages. We’re still very close to our friends and fans over there and we go back regularly. What really makes Italy different from other countries is the effort that people make to look good and to be ready for the event.

How did the ‘exclusive’ VIP approach to clubbing come to form and how is it different to the club experience in the past?

We think the VIP approach came into the underground movement because more and more grown-up people felt the need to be able to still experience the music, but in a more liveable environment.

You’ll be making your fourth appearance with Music On at Ibiza’s Amnesia. How did you develop a relationship with Marco Carola, and how did this influence your style?

We started to develop our relationship simply because we kept on bumping into each other, especially in Ibiza and Miami. We mainly thank Roberto, Ernesto, and Luca (Music On co-founders) who always believed in us, and it is also thanks to them that we were part of the first season of Music On. Of course Music On is a great experience and Marco Carola has always been an inspiration for us, but we have always been working and researching to create our own personal sound. And that, as you can see, works perfectly with Music On.

How did your initial performances at Music On go? Are there any adjustments you guys will be making for the rest of the season?

Music On has been a success since its first edition. I also think we have been growing as artists because we always try to make adjustments in order to deliver our best performance. We are always focused on the progression of our sets because satisfying the crowd is our main objective.

How does the Music On brand reflect the duo’s artistry and sound?

Being part of this brand means to always keep pushing our boundaries, working hard every time to try to deliver the best we can. Of course, Music On has given us more visibility and because of that we are growing faster. Plus we are working with a lot of big names and this helps to create collaborations and be influenced by other styles and sounds.

What are your thoughts on the venue – Amnesia? How would you describe the vibe, and how do you complement the venue’s aesthetic?

Amnesia is one of the best clubs in the world. When we are on the decks, it is wonderful to see so many people coming from all over the world, together for the love of the music. Also, the sound system and lights are incredible. This makes every party completely unique and unforgettable.

How do you guys gear up for your performances? What do you do to prepare for your set?

We usually spend a lot of time in the studio, but on the days before each performance we listen to hundreds of promos and we like to edit tracks, as we always try to personalise our sets. Another important thing we usually do is to listen to our record collection built up over the past 25 years, looking for some special track in order to bring some emotion on to the dance floor.

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