Is there a city or a place you haven’t played where you would like to throw a party?
In reality I don’t have any. I guess I have been lucky to play in all the cities and parties that I wanted to when I was younger. Maybe if I could go back in time I would love to DJ at Studio 54 (Barcelona & New York). Those are only parties I really, really would love to play. 

With regards to Ibiza’s VIP culture, how far do you think the line goes between throwing an ‘exclusive event’ and throwing a party for the sake of ‘cultural development’?
I believe that what made Ibiza special was the freedom – freedom to enjoy whatever you wanted and always respecting the people around you. Ibiza became famous for that, for the mixture of cultures, people, religion – all of them together for a propose.. ENJOYING LIFE!! Nowadays, in my opinion, it is too focused on business and is becoming less cultural.

You’re based in Barcelona, where you have been running Club4 for over a decade. What is the Barcelona sound and vibe, and how would you differentiate the city to say Amsterdam, Berlin, or London?
For me, the sound of Barcelona is free and underground. For some time now Barcelona has boasted a unique scene that is followed by many music lovers. Techno and house have been the major sounds but always on their less commercial side. What is different from cities such as Amsterdam, Berlin, or London, is the weather; winter is not that hard, summer lasts longer and it is also hotter. I guess that feels in the way people get up and enjoy music.

I’m thinking of heading down to Barcelona soon to get some paella. Do you have any recommendations?
Yes, Cal Pinxo at the Puerto Deportivo in Barcelona 😉

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