Marco Bailey is truly a part of the world’s global techno elite. For many years he has been turning out definitive tracks and serving up sumptuous sets that take him to the best clubs and festivals around the world. In a big news announcement earlier in the year the Belgian star announced he would settle into a special season long residency at Privilege’s Vista Club in Ibiza. It was welcomed as a healthy new addition to the techno landscape for an island often more concerned with house.

Going under the name of Materia, the night shuns Ibiza’s glossy VIP culture and fashion fads and instead focusses purely on the music. As such it will showcase a tight selection of DJ stars from the underground each week, and all after Materia have held events all round Europe. The venue couldn’t be better – a raw and personal space that allows you to get up close to the artists. Famed for its richly detailed sound system, the club also has a big glass wall down one side, but for this dark techno get together they are blocked out by big drapes.

Playing the first event are a trio of techno titans as well as Marco himself. As we arrive, a cosmo crowd of boys and girls, some old, some young, some dressed up but some fresh faced and clearly first timers, all get down to some bass heavy sounds. The outside world is blocked out and feels a million miles away as we get lost in the grooves of opener Phillipp Lichblau, who gets backed up by Zoe and Sam Paganini.

The music gets more stripped back and the tempos rise as the DJs come and go, and the floor gets ever more sweaty as a result. People lap up the tougher sounds, punching the air and whooping at various points, all adding to the intensity of the party. When Shlomi Aber steps up the crowd rushes forwards and the grooves get slick and seductive, with loopy bass and gentle percussive patterns really getting under our skin. His mixing is quick and slick and leaves plenty in awe.

A podium of dancers stays full all night, lights and lasers are subtle but add a sensory element to the sounds. Two big white circles help with acoustics above the DJ booth and as Marco Bailey steps up they frame him as he drops his first mix. From there he builds to an intense and punchy peak that has the whole floor eating out of the palm of his hand. With a new compilation out to support the party, and many more great guests lined-up throughout the season, this is sure to be one of the finest new additions to the Island in 2016.

Photo Credit: Phrank