For 20 years, Technasia aka Charles Siegling, has been kicking it at the top of the electronic pile.

The French DJ, producer and spectacular live performer combines many different influences in the music he makes, and has been on a constant evolution through techno, house and everything in between. He has headlined every major festival and club, has run a number of labels and primarily releases on Sino and Technasia. he has also released three fine full lengths and in the modern era continues to work with the best of the best. Right now he has a massive collaboration with Green Velvet just about to drop, and it is the sort of monstrous, floor saying main room track that he has excelled at making all his life.

We caught up with him to talk about collaborating with UNER, his Ibiza season for 2015, and all about that new hook up with Green Velvet.

” …I’m living my dream gig on a regular basis”

How are you, how has your summer been so far?
Very good! Summer is always THE very busy time of the year for DJs anyway. June started off the charts with shows all over Europe and a kick ass Space Ibiza Opening Fiesta b2b with Pleasurekraft. I’ll go on with a tour in Asia and Colombia in July, and a bunch of shows in Ibiza. August is mainly dominated by European festivals and some dates in Ibiza again (really looking forward to that b2b with Uner at Ushuaia Ants on August 15

What’s the thing you are most proud of in your career?
To still be here kicking it 20 years after I started!To be honest, I think it’s quite easy to make a breakthrough in the electronic music world, as long as you have a certain talent for DJing or music production. The most difficult part is to be there to stay and grow. That is not given to everybody I think. It requires a lot of hard work, to be surrounded by a good team, and being able to reinvent yourself from time to time.

Do you still set yourself goals, do you have things you would like to achieve?
Making your way in this music world is a goal in itself, and a pretty tough one I would say. The market has become highly competitive amongst DJs because everybody think they can be one. The wrong approach is always to take the electronic music world as a hobby, forgetting that it’s above all a work.

What is your dream gig, where is it, how big is the crowd, is it in side or outside, how long would the set be?
I don’t have a dream gig to be honest. I’m always very happy if the crowd and the promoter are. I’m able to do that most of the time, so I’m living my dream gig on a regular basis hehehe…

What else have you got coming up this summer?
My new track made together with Green Velvet, “Suga”, will be out on Toolroom on July 13th. This should be a great one and a good follow up to I Am Somebody. Driving beats, full of guitar riffs and kick ass Green Velvet vocals, I’m really looking forward how the track is gonna do. I don’t release a lot of tracks, but when I do, I make sure it’s always a bomb.

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