Solomun was king of Ibiza already, but now that he has a second event all his own, he really is more like the Emperor of Ibiza now. This other event runs alongside Solomun + 1 at Pacha and is at Destino, where the big man invites a selection of live acts to join him each week throughout summer. These include the likes of Ame, Isolee, Brandt Brauer Frick, WhoMadeWho and Rodriguez Jr, but it all starts with Paul Kalkbrenner. 

This was to be the German DJ and producers only live show this summer, so understandably the lubbers were out in force and the place was packed from early on. Kalkbrenner is a real techno pin up and has been for years so was a fine coup for Solomon to secure him for tonight.

This outdoor event is a really special one amongst many in Ibiza, and it found Solomun playing in a clam shell like DJ booth from early on. Looking out over a handsome crowd, he played all manner of slick house and tech beats, slowly building up the tempo as more and more hands began to get shot into the air. Girls with headdresses, boys all dressed up and plenty of rave casualties in between all hold their camera in the air throughout his set and it makes for a vibe fuel atmosphere.

Lots of moody, flashing lights and long, late afternoon sun shadows add to the vibe as cuts like ‘Woods’ by &ME, ‘A Long Story Short’ by Betoko and ‘Black Night’ by Jonathann Cast all get dropped to great acclaim.  It’s a fine warm up set that is all the better for the wild dancers who prance around the pool.

As the sun goes down the mood changes and then Kalkbrenner steps up. He does so with with an air of cool you would expect of such a superstar and then drops some cuts from his new album, to be released imminently. Using a big controller and part digital, part analogue turntable he weaves lots of loops, rich bass and electro grooves in fine style. The ensuing set is shadowy but melodic and keeps the venue filled until Solomun steps back up and offers a much more peak time set than his first. It is a fine way to kick start this series and will surely rival his events at Pacha as some of the best on the Isle.

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