There is only one place to be this summer if you want to have the ultimate boat party experience, and that is with the Cirque De La Nuit Boat Party crew. They are hosting more than 100 of the things this summer, all sailing from the White Isle with some amazing extras and attention to detail all making it an unbeatable experience.

The ship itself is one of the finest you will have been on, and importantly is kitted out with a full VOID Sound system so that every single beats hi hat and vocal is as clear and crisp as it was intended. On top of that, throughout the whole trip there are lovely, friendly, dedicated staff on hand to serve you your drinks and generally look after you.

But lets start at the start: the Terminal, where before you even step aboard you are treated to top notch grub, posh sarnies, bagels and more, all home made at Roni’s Deli. It provides a good chance to familiarise yourself with your fellow seamen and women, too. They come from all over the world and the day we attend we are surrounded by smiley, happy people who are up for a chat and good time. So far so good.

Once you set off, it continues to be a rare good experience. Ice cold drinks are brought to you by the staff, and all are included in your ticket price, so you can sip great beers, posh cocktails, sangria, soft drinks and plenty in between, all whilst never taking your foot off the dance floor.

Musically, its all about surprise, this year again there are all manner of top draw guests likely to jump aboard and do their thing on the fly, as last year big hitters like Darius Syrossian, Andrea Oliva, Miss Kittin and Guy Gerber all rocked up. For us tonight, it is the expert resident Ryan Platts who does his thing with style, shifting through the tech and house gears, dropping some cheeky classics and generally egging the crowd on to get loose.

Another highlight is the fact you can jump off the boat in Fomentera for a swim and enjoy looking back over the White isle. Every one takes the chance to cool down and then when we all get back on board we head back to dry land and the Terminal for an after party around the pool. Also included in your ticket is entry to both Sankeys (any night of the week) and Ibiza Rocks (on Wednesday or Fridays) so you can carry on the party as long as you like, or delay it for another day. As such, Cirque de la Nuit is truly unbeatable.