Raices (trans. Roots), aims to ground Ibiza with an immersive presentation, highlighting culture far beyond what that of standard clubbing.

In uniting diverse characters with an engaging platform it proves to be one of the hottest new events of the island this season. Alongside the nomadic festival family, you will be invited to dance and ignite your passion with 12 hours of music, live musicians from across the world, alternate performance and bespoke art beginning on Thursday, 7 June. This opening event features world music from the likes of Matanza, Billy Caso, Gama, Raz Ohara, Spaniol, Marco Tegui, Filipa Lazary, and Fata & Morgan.

Arrive before 6pm for free and sign up to become part of this new family, or find tickets for €25 after. Find all the information and relevant links below.


7 June | Raíces – Grand Opening | Tickets | Benimussa Park