Legendary club owner and promoter David Vincent has recently spread a slightly different message ahead of his club’s Sankey’s big summer season in Ibiza. Rather than shouting about international DJs dropping by in his club, he has a word of warning for everyone and anyone coming to the White Isle this summer: get insurance. Proper insurance.

Vincent, 44, who has been at the helm of Sankeys clubs in Manchester and Ibiza for years, is currently residing in Ibiza as he schemes for summer 2015. Having gone to the Can Misses hospital feeling ill, Vincent was left for hours with a drip in his arm. He says the staff spoke little to no English, and it is a case of those who shout loudest get seen first, unlike hospitals at home. His experience was so disastrous that he decided to go to a private clinic instead.

At the private clinic Policina Clinica de Rosario, Vincent was charged a fee, seen, tested and filled in on the life threatening appendicitis condition he had within an hour. Staff rushed him in for the life saving surgery he needed to remove the problematic appendix and Vincent reports the service was excellent. “If you only have an E11, though, you will at best get treated like I did first time round at Can Misses. I want to thank Policina Clinica De Rosario them for saving my life, they were the best hospital in the world and I will never forget that.”

He now pleads that “everyone should get proper insurance, check how long it lasts, and whether it covers you flying in or out from places other than the UK if you are on a summer holiday tour. Paying that £30 or so before your holiday may save your life and help you to go to a clinic like Policina Clinica de Rosario. Having that insurance will allow you to get the best health care on the island in the event of an accident. I was laid up for 5 days after the operation but I am back at work now and hope to have the Sankeys Ibiza program finalised this week.”

Vincent also added that there would be “major exciting changes within the club’s musical programme this summer plus a brand new sound and lighting systems” after Sankeys turned 20 years old in 2014 and intends in 2015 to make Sankeys Ibiza once again be the fastest growing club on the island once again when it re-opens on May 20th.