You head on tour soon round the world – what do you pack to make life on the road easier? how do you spend time in airports and on planes and trains etc?
A sleeping mask is my best friend on the road.

Does every different country and continent need a different set from you or do we all get down to the same sounds and styles in the same way, do you think?
There are certainly differences between some countries or continents, but this can’t be generalized. It is more depending on the crowd and the venue. A small and intimate club show allows me to play more diverse and groovy music whereas a big a festival stage requires a way higher energy level.

This last month or so there has been a big fuss about the line between copying a track, taking influence from it, bootlegging etc – what are your thoughts – is there a line between plagiarism and inspiration? Where is that line?
That is difficult to judge. I would say if the new track has something original and puts the sample into a new context, it has an artistic justification. But it is a fine line for sure.

What are you plans for ADE? Are you doing anything special for the album there?
We will do a special Momentum release party at Wolf Atelier (Westerdoksplein 20-brug, Amsterdam) on Thursday. It will be together with Luna City Express and Ici Sans Merci. On Saturday night I will play for Circoloco at the Loveland party.

Whats next for you, what else have you got coming up?
There will be a nice remix package for the album coming early next year. And Davide Squillace, Martin Buttrich and myself are working on music for our project Better Lost Than Stupid which will be out later in 2017.

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20 October | Momentum Album Tour ADE | Tickets | Wolf Atelier