Amsterdam’s club Air is hosting the Kings Night party along the FLOW party series and it’s narrator is Holland’s very own Franky Rizardo. Setting great expectations for the night, Franky brought together a set of his favourite producers and DJ’s, including UK’s Josh Butler, Wouter S. and Sonny Fodera with whom he is playing B2B, all under one roof.

Prior to establishing his own label, Franky had released on labels like OFF, Defected and Spinnin’. This summer Franky holds residency at The Redlight in Sankeys Ibiza for 9 shows along with his weekly radio show on Slam FM and FLOW event series Frank’s ambition spans over global horizons. We caught him for a short Q&A on what to expect for the upcoming big night.

“I think Air Amsterdam is one of the best clubs for house music”

Tell us a little bit about the line-up of the evening and what to expect from the guys?

This line up I think is very cool because they are all young upcoming guys, the are almost “already there”, but you can still call them the new generation of house music. To start, we have got Wouter S., which is one of the biggest talents in Holland, who is really really blowing up right now. He plays very energetic, I’m looking forward to hear that. Then we have Josh Butler from the UK, who is one of my favourite house producers, he has his own sound and he’s the ideal DJ to build up the night.

And for the finish I am playing back to back with Sonny Fodera, I appreciate him as one of the best producers out there, I know him very well he is one of my colleagues at the Defected label, when we play B2B always something special happens. We have done it before at the Egg London, we didn’t stop playing for 5-6 hours and the crowd never left. I think the combination of me and Sonny clicks very well. Sonny plays a bit more on your feelings, with some nice chords, and then I bring it back with more tough stuff.

It is the first time we are going to do in Amsterdam and I am pretty sure this line-up will definitely fit the venue that night.

What do you find particular about Air Amsterdam?

Yeah, I have played many times in Air Amsterdam. I think Air Amsterdam one of the best clubs for house music, perfect for the energy of the music, considering its size. As different music fits for different spaces, e.g. on the main stage you might play tech house, darker, tougher than in a smaller club. Air Amsterdam hols about 1000 people and the way it is set up it keeps a cozy vibe. Everybody can look at the DJ, everybody is in it together. So there is really an “us” feeling going on at Air Amsterdam, and it really fits the kind of music we are playing.

It has a great sound-system, great effects, you still get the wow effect whenever there we make a build up.

How is it going to stand out among all the other events on Kingsday? What can people expect?

I think we play music that is more fun, we only invite the Dj’s that have an eye for the crowd, instead of just doing their thing “this is what I play and deal with it”. The Djs we book always kill it behind the decks. And the energy of the Dj’s match together, it goes as one flow from start to finish and we try to only book the Dj’s that can rock the crowd, no surprises. We all know what we are doing, we respect each other and we set up each others sets, so the next one can take over perfectly.

Has this set up ever played together before?

No actually never before, so it is exciting. I’m closing the night together with Sonny and we’re both are like the ‘new kids’ at Defected. Even if we play together, it’s usually at party of Defected so it’s very special we can do it in Amsterdam now.

How are you preparing musically for this party?

I do a weekly radio show every Friday on Slam FM. So every week I listen to almost every single new house record that gets released. So I am always aware of what’s going on. So I carefully choose by the quality of the production and I always go with my gut feeling on what is going to happen that night.

You are yourself from Holland. How do you celebrate King’s/ Queen’s day? What are your best memories of it?

For the last years I have been DJ’ing on Kingsday. Times have changed a little bit, because on that day I would do 6 gigs in one day, but now I have decided to just do 1 and try to enjoy my day a little. Overall, I have decided to play less shows because when you do your own events I don’t think it is very handy to play all around the place, so it makes the day more special.

But I guess the favourite way for me to celebrate Kingsday is wear a simple orange shirt and walk around Amsterdam, have a good time, see where you end up and just go on an adventure in Amsterdam on that day. It’s amazing! And then end up in a club at night and then regret it the next day.

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