John Tejada – Two 0 One

I always thought of John Tejada as being from LA, as it turns out he is technically Austrian. Oh well. Sometimes I feel like John Tejada makes the kind of music that I would make if I was better at making music. This track is so terrific, it’s basically everything that I love about electronic music, beautiful, haunting melodies and harmonies, constantly evolving while staying true to a strong central theme…

Dubfire – Roadkill

Dubfire is actually Iranian, but he grew up in DC so I’m gonna take the liberty of including him here. This track was released in 2007. That’s ten fucking years ago! It’s an absolute banger and it still sounds super fresh every time I hear it. There aren’t that many 10 year old tracks that have aged this well.

DVS1 – Black Russian

Heading north now to Minneapolis via Russia. I am really picky when it comes to techno, I do feel there is an enormous amount of repetitive, regurgitated minimal crap out there, but DVS1 is one techno artist that I cannot get enough of – there is just enough there to keep me interested for 8 minutes, whilst maintaining a really stripped back, super cool vibe. Impressive.

Moodymann – Why Do U Feel

The rest of my picks are actually 100% American people, and they’re all from Detroit, which I guess is no big surprise. I don’t even know what to say about this record, besides the fact that I love it. So unique and creative, I suppose what is so genius about it is how much of Moodymann’s personality you seem to catch from listening to the way it’s put together.

Omar S – Thank U For Letting Me Be Myself

Omar S’s melodies just hit me in the right way, I like almost everything he does, but there are a handful of his tracks that I would put in my all time favorites, and this is one of them.

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