In cooperation with the brand new Dutch HJCKD Artist Management, we continue our Masters Of House podcast series with none other than Dutch legend Orlando Voorn.

Following Master Classes in House music from the likes of Paul Johnson, K’Alexi Shelby, and Mr. V, Orlando Voorn comes as a most welcome addition to the series. Largely considered the preeminent bond between the sounds of Detroit and Amsterdam, Voorn is considered one of the most original and ingenious producers, DJs , and remixers to ever come out of the Netherlands.

Legends of House: Paul Johnson, K’Alexi Shelby, Mr. V

Drawing his musical origins from turntablism (he was Dutch DMX champion TWICE in 1986/87), but firmly grounded in the soulful yet funky side of Detroit, Voorn’s underground sound has brought collaborations and mentorships with some of the Motor City’s most legendary figures, including Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May and Juan Atkins.

Releasing under a slew aliases over the years (including Frequency, Complex, Baruka, Nighttripper, and more), Voorn’s musical output has come by way of (again, in short) Lower East Side Records, KMS, and Fragile, as well as on his own imprints NightVision, Divine, Ignitor, Triangle & Slamdunk. Early 2016 will also see the 4th studio LP from Voorn, entitled “In My World”, which comes by way of Rush Hour Records.

So, get yourself ready for the LP, and aware of the history, with this 60 minute selection of underground house and Detroit classics from the one and only: Orlando Voorn.

Voorn’s next album, which is due on Rush Hour, will be released early 2016. You can check one of the tracks, In My World, here:


According to you, what’s been the most defining moment in house music history?
This is one of those hard questions cause there were many but speaking from my own feeling I would have to say the early nineties especially New york sound like strictly Rhythem and producers like Lous Vega, Lil Louis and ofcourse Detroit. One that’s been the most defining is the first wave of things.

Can you tell us a little something about how you envisioned your mix for this series? What’s the musical message you wanted to portray, if there is one?
I like to paint with music and paint them together create flows in harmony and take you on a lil journey.

This mix is fragments of tracks that blend nicely together.

What would you like to see changed in today’s dance music scene. And why?
I would like to see things back to the essence which is music from the heart and soul.

Which record will never leave your gigbag?
Fix  – Flash, a track that doesn’t have an expiry date and still bangs out every club and festival after 20 year – and proud of it!

Which house record should every self-respecting artist know from front to end?
Mr Fingers – Can You Feel It



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