Recently, Berlin-based DJ Levon Vincent found himself in an uncomfortable situation when asked by the owner of Franz und Josef to leave the shop.

Self described as a “favorite record store” in the German capital, Vincent took to Facebook explaining the incident and how the shop’s elusive owner was not pleased by the way he 1. looked at the records and 2. looked, in general. Vincent guessed his clothes weren’t right for the shop, but was still unsure about the specific reasoning behind the request.

Though Vincent doesn’t seem interested in retribution, he mentions how he had been told the shop’s owner is “notorious for treating people badly” (check out this thread from 2010 describing the “World’s Worst Record Store Owners” or this scathing thread from In fact, Vincent also describes Berlin as having the occasional “Deliverance” moment (full disclosure, I am not quite sure what this means. I’m assuming its race related), yet remains adamant he is putting the word out on the shop’s discriminatory nature. That said, he does mention how Franz & Josef have 2 “very nice girls working there”.

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