REIFY is a physical music platform, specialised in the making of “totems”encoded with audio and visuals playable on mobile devices.

The Brooklyn-based company has been transforming sound into something users can see, hear and hold by working with musicians using custom design software. 3D printed totems that visually represent artists songs are encoded with music and visuals, and when a mobile device camera is pointed at them, an app (Stylus on iOS, which will be available at public launch) provides an on-screen & audio experience within an interactive visual environment, also designed with the artist.

REIFY describes the aim of the technology as: “We built this platform to let artists express their music in physical and visual form, and give fans an interactive, multi-sensory experience that they can share with others”.

On the topic of the totems as stand alone artistic objects, the company proclaims that, “When not being used to experience music in a whole new way through the Stylus mobile app, each totem is also a beautiful stand-alone art object. Imagine having your favourite music live in your home as physical art you can hold, display and share”.

To find our more about the technology and process behind REIFY or to support the platform, check their Kickstarter page (featuring some really nice rewards) HERE or let REIFY explain the process themselves via the video below.

With some big aspirations and a textured approach to music creation, REIFY’s sound sculptures surely represent a new terrain in intermedial creativity. Hybrid, tactile, digital and collaborative, the lines between audio, visuals, and touch are blurred like never before. So far, most clientele have existed within the indie or experimental side of the spectrum, but the possibilities of sound sculpting are surely right up the alley of electronic music.