Nachtiville, the Dutch sister of the German Nachtdigital festival has just announced the second wave of artists for their upcoming debut in De Eemhof, a bungalow park in the . The second lineup announcement for Nachtiville further undermines the musical approach of the festival’s inaugural edition. Spanning from Techno to Ambient, Nachtiville, much like Nachtdigital, combines well-proven favourites with up-and-coming talent . The latest additions to the list of merited legends includes Radio Slave and Optimo as well as Atom TM & Tobias – the latter will perform one of their rare collaborative live sets.

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The yearly returning Nachtdigital is known for being a favourite festival for German and Dutch dance connaisseurs, each year the core line-up revolves around the pure selectors and radical b2b sets (this year the b2b’s of Prosumer / Ben UFO and I-F / Helena Hauff provided the memorable highlights during the weekend-long festival). For their Dutch debut going by the name of Nachtiville, the programming will be equally rewarding for those lovers of the more leftfield spectrum in dance.

Showcases form an important part of the program for the event which is to take place on November 13th (with Giegling and Workshop already announced), marking cornerstones of what is to be expected. Intergalactic FM show up with a true all star lineup: Head of the gang I-F will be joined by Gesloten Cirkel, Intergalactic Gary, Legowelt and Xosar. The Ambient stage will be graced by a delegation from infamous Hamburg club Golden Pudel, bringing a handful of its residents to De Eemhof.

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On a different stage, festival curator and founder Steffen Bennemann will be introducing some personal picks in the form of LET founder and former Trouw resident JP Enfant, former Trouw resident Luc Mast and Nous’klaer Audio wonderboy Mattheis will all appear alongside rising New York treasure Aurora Halal. Further acts on the bill include Dutch techno/bass hybrid Martyn as well as more blissful ambient by OneTake, Thomas Schreiber and Randweg. With this second wave of acts the official part of the lineup is complete. Rest assured though: There is still some room for little surprises to be discovered at the event itself.

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