Nuno Dos Santos Something Happening Somewhere (SoHaSo) returns with a new chapter in their acclaimed SOMEWHERE series.

This, its third edition, features a slew of artists, both known and lesser so expressing their unique experience through sound waves, telling stories and uncovering a piece of themselves. Amongst those featured are frequent DHA favorites likes Kiani & His Legion, Quince, Love Over Entropy, Kurt Baggaley and many others over its two vinyl samplers, but its the latest from Kaap that we are premiering today.

You can find Kaap everywhere from house sets beach clubs to an ambient live performance in the basement of a coffee café in Berlin due to his eclectic style rooted in analogue and machines. Here, however, Kaap ventures a bit outside of his usual approach, providing the lush and retro ‘Sunset Vertigo’.

“SOMEWHERE III” is available 30 June (Digi) on Something Happening Somewhere

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