The diversely talented Robot Koch is an LA based producer and composer who has released music on the likes of Bpitch Control, Project Mooncircle, Monkeytown, and his own, Trees & Cyborgs imprint.

Additionally to dance music, the alumni of the Red Bull Music Academy (1999) music has appeared in television shows like ‘The Blacklist’ and ‘Rake,’ and works across the spectrum of independent and major label artists worldwide. Some of those artists being, Norah Jones, Bassnectar, and even Max Richter’s Vivaldi Four Seasons.

Now, Robot Koch releases his latest EP – “Fluid” on Diynamic Music. Here, ‘Reach,’ which as been remixed by Berlin based artists Chi Thanh, has been a staple of Solomun’s sets for the past months. Thousands of clubbers around the world have been inspired by this uplifting dancefloor hymn that calls for closed eyes and raised hands.

“Fluid” is available 2 June on Diynamic Music

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