The hugely anticipated first release to go out on Sabb’s new RADIANT. label, is the first single ‘Jeopardized’ off his upcoming debut LP ‘Radiant’.

From calling labels like Moon Harbour, Circus, Saved Records and Noir Music home to fueling the world’s most iconic clubbing spaces Sabb has fast become one of club music’s most respected figures. Right from the outset with lead single ‘Jeopardized’, shakers slither, bass patterns undulate while vocals drift in and out of focus to create an abundance of movement and cascading energy: enough to get crowds moving but also with big artistic depth. With its intoxicating vocals and charming aesthetic, ‘Jeopardized’ is certain to find its way into set lists and record collections far and wide, perfectly highlighting the exhilarating style of music Radiant has to offer – not just within Sabb’s album but as a label and event series too.

“Jeopardized” is available 9 March on RADIANT. PRE ORDER

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