Premiering on DHA is the B-side edit by Adam Port, the German DJ/Producer always locking in his melodic approach and spacey soundscapes.

Adam Port’s method of tracing down various genres and generations of music is the essential reason why Port’s presence is so unique. He’s explored and studied a plethora of genres, everything from the D.C.-Hardcore scene to Hip-Hop Turntablism to Techno electronics. He’s gone on releasing for notable labels such as Keinemusik, Kompakt, Liebe Detail, Pets Recordings, Cocoon Recordings, Cabin Fever, and Play It Down.

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His premiering edit originates from bilateral relations between Berlin and Leipzig. “Tonight” was originally shaped by Good Guy Mikesh’s Wave-Pop-project Here Is Why and should still be resonating from its initial release on KM018. Port, who regularly features the tune in his sets, now delivers a DJ-friendly, more accentuated version of this timeless classic.

Adam Port’s Sonnenfinsternis EP will be out June 24th via Keinemusik.

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