Every clubber dreams of ticking off at least one boat party in his life time. As the media exhibits music that’s present on a different platter as being highly refreshing much like an early morning rave, Reddingsfest ‘s intentions portray just that much needed late summer pick-me-up.

At its third edition, Reddingsfest combines the warmer side of house music with grooves of house, disco and the all classical boogie down that will keep its ravers happily entertained for the course of the journey. Boarding will take place behind Central Station and by 2 PM the already common, all hands on deck, phrase will be operational.

The two captains that are in charge of the vessels upright mood are Medlar and Trouw’s resident Melon who’s sets confine in disco and house. As for their second mates, the Dutch gurus of nu-disco SHMLSS will make is appearance onto the boat while The Close Up, one of Exploited’s recent gold mines will entertain every bone in your body.

As Reddingsfest decided to bring Medlar onboard their ship, we too were feeling strong towards having him on board for a mixtape and what a special one it is. As one of last year’s most promising artists, Wolf Music’s Medlar impressed each corner of the world with his carefully crafted sound as his releases on Moda Black, Needwant, Phonica Records or Recovery Tech gave freedom towards personalizing his disco fused house sound.

On August 23rd prepare your flip flops and towels as you’ll boogie down with FEST from 2PM until 10PM on the Moby King.


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