The summer in Holland, electronic music wise, revolves around two main aspects: day festivals like Straf_Werk, Loveland, Amsterdam Open Air and events by the beach that take place every Sunday from early May until late September. The Whoosah, Karavaan and Woodstock 69 bring you a Sunday refreshment much like a work out, where music and warm weather are the leading factors. 

These past couple of weeks over by the beach clubs in Scheveningen – the place where over 5 beach clubs hosted regular electronic music event every Sunday – things took a turn to the worst as one of its clubs, Karavaan Beach Club, was forced to close its doors for the public due to the use of drugs in its premises. Now the owners are taking the full blame due to one person that was suspected of being on drugs and the second one that is charged with dealing of interdicted substances. Days passed and it looked like it was an isolated incident, but the Municipality of The Hague along with the police raided a second beach club. This time, Whoosah was the unfortunate of being in the middle of things and suffer the same faith; closure for 2 weeks at first and eventually, closure for the next 6 months due to interdicted substances on its premises as well.

Now if you look at thing from a neutral perspective it’s nobody’s fault. From experience I know the control at the gate is very strict and it is strictly forbidden to enter any club with substances of any kind. Control was tightened after the first raid, but let’s be realistic; you’re not going to check somebody in their crotch or take of their socks. It’s absurd to expect a club to have a security system more rigorous than major airports. Drugs are and will always be present at dance music events, that’s what gives them their distinctive flair. But from the municipalities point of view, it’s bizarre to say that in the last 11 years they were unaware of this phenomenon taking place at the beach. Even Dj’s of the highest ranking are against the municipality’s decision, as we saw Noir supporting the cause of Whoosah.

Over the past couple of years the municipality of The Hague aborted a zero-tolerance policy towards any kind of disturbance in the city regardless if it’s drugs, fights, arguments, you name it. But the fact that they’ve gone through the trouble of finding a person under the influence – even in a country where drugs are promoted and decriminalized – they’re clearly in contradiction with one another. If it was up to the “law” they’ve just applied in the case of Whoosah or Karavaan, downtown The Hague and Amsterdam should be locked down and major stores should be shut down.

The verdict for all beach clubs in Scheveningen is quite harsh and unfair in the eyes of the owner and public alike. If you look at the fact that within the premises of the municipality, there were found traces of cocaine on the toilets and no action was taken, we just have to assume the government and it’s employees alike defies it’s population. For one lousy gram of cocaine or a pill the entire clubbing scene in The Hague had to be shut down. We don’t let that happen to us so easily and therefore we ask your help below.

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A petition is being set up to go against the closure of beach clubs in all North Holland and preserve the dance music scene in The Hague. If enough signatures will be presented to the municipality committee, they would have to listen to the voice of the people. So far the motive of the unexpected raids is currently unknown but we have to prepare for the worst, unless you help out!