Every group, gang, gathering and even a large scale industry has its own charismatic or joker like personae. In the case of underground dance music, its name is none other than Seth Troxler. After this year’s already famous J.E.S.u.S boiler room session, where the goofs of the goofs got together for one purpose; to have fun and blast music to our ears.

Seth Troxlers imagination overcomes any boundaries. With his viral promo for Eastern Electrics and launching 3 record labels, all of which have their distinct sound, it was time to twist his imagination once more, only this time it was with regards towards the event sphere of dance music.

This year at ADE, Seth Troxler will present his own doing. After the immense success at this year’s Off-Sonar Week, Big Tittie Surprise is back with Episode II: Dolphin Flight. The second undertaking promises to transport you though a trans-dimensional portal, in a world where “Burt Reynolds lounging naked with a trifecta of dolphins”. Expect poke playing bulldogs, Seth riding mythical creatures, 80’s like themes playing in the ears background and music by Seth Troxler, Kerri Chandler, Jackmaster, Karvard Bass and William Kouam Djoko.

The teaser video made us laugh in tears and rethink the way we look at parties, music, life and ourselves..