“Now what says freedom more than jumping out of a plane? Well, jumping out of a plane and then throwing a party in the air..”

On Thursday’s Liberation Day a group of friends will undertake what is perhaps the boldest stunt of their lives, a ‘skyrave’. The guys in question will jump out of an airplane midair along with a Soundboks speaker that will blast some adrenaline-fused music to soundtrack the experience. They will do the jump above Enschede, a city in the East of the Netherlands, to then land in the middle of the city’s Bevrijdingsfestival. 

The idea comes from Amsterdam-based agency Tosti Creative, who are known for their eye-catching events like last year’s Disco Grocheries or a huge tomato fight in the middle of Dam square.

The skyrave began as an office-joke that soon got out of hand, as Tosti Creative’s Roby Hormis explains: “We had this crazy idea and after looking into the details we found out it was going to be hard to do, but probably not impossible”. He continues that “The biggest problem we faced were of course the technical difficulties, like how are you going to throw a party with music while you’re plunging towards the surface at 200 km/h?”

Limitations were discarded though as soon as speaker brand Soundboks stepped in. After giving Tosti one of their speakers to try out, it tested as being loud enough for the skydivers to hear during their skydive. To top off the spectacle, the organisation behind Bevrijdingsfestival Enschede teamed up with them and made it possible for the airborne ravers to land at their event, amidst thousands of festival goers that day.

And you can join in on the action. Because although the skydive itself is (of course) not a ticketed event, there is one spot available to the one person that has enough courage to join the skydiving madness. People that are interested in joining the craziness can enter in the competition until May 4th until 7pm through this page.

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