Aimed at everyone (age 3-99), Dato DUO is a Dutch designed synth meant for two.

With a gritty sounding synthesizer and a flashy sequencer, the easy to use synth is an approachable way for two to play and learn music together. The idea behind Dato DUO is for one person to play a melody on the sequencer while another adds sounds on the synth side with limited chance for error.

By easy to use, the Dato Duo not only offers an easily navigable interface but also allows for any music to be played in key, using a pentatonic keyboard. As the company themselves describes it, “By carefully controlling the possible parameters, we designed the DUO so you can’t do anything wrong. The result may be as clean or noisy as you want it to be, but it’ll never be out of tune. If you want to know how it sounds watch our video again – we recorded the soundtrack directly from the output of one Dato DUO.”

Read up and support Dato DUO on Kickstarter, and check out the video below for more information

2 oscillators: 1 pulse (variable width) and 1 sawtooth
Digital low pass filter with resonance
Amp envelope (note length and release time)
Sample rate reductor
Noise-based percussion synthesizer

8-step circular sequencer
Pentatonic keyboard. Two octaves

Inputs and outputs
Audio out capable of driving headphones
Sync input and output, compatible with Korg Volca, Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators
MIDI IN and MIDI OUT on full-size DIN connectors
Internal speaker
Micro USB for power and firmware update. 5V, 2A max.