But with the Shift, this bilateral approach is taken to a substantial new level. “Eventually, we will be able to accommodate these volunteers, have in-house studios and workspaces for them, our own restaurant, cafe, cinema, you name it”, Meyberg continues. Construction has already started, and within two years, a large chunk of the elaborate project should already be realized. Within five years, the Shift will be be completed if all goes according to plan.

“Eventually, we will be able to accommodate these volunteers, have in-house studios and workspaces, our own restaurant, cafe, cinema, you name it”

Recycling and self-sufficiency

This timeframe is justified by the fact that literally every single piece of building material, be it from the outside or the inside, is somehow recycled. The two architecture agencies that are shaping the new Paradigm want a minimal carbon footprint and cost – a DIY way of construction, so to speak. This means no bricks, wooden planks, or even windows straight from the factory: “The foundation of the club and the other buildings planned will be made out of incorporated scrap material, like material from wrecked houses and old office buildings”, Terpstra says. Such an ambition will probably require an insane amount of puzzling throughout its construction period.

The Electronic Music Society

Throughout the building period, Paradigm will start to rouse the bigger plan for which the new location is built, the Electronic Music Society. EMS will be the general term for the different in-house activities that will be going on there. If you yourself as a creative are in doubt on whether you would fit in the picture here, don’t worry, there are no set rules on what your contribution here should look like, other than the fact that it should develop dance music, its events or its culture. If the conception of this Shift is only half as impressive as the ideas behind it, then Paradigm could be having a serious influence on Dutch dance music in a few years.

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