Photo credits: Timo Steenvoorden

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of a new recurring photo series with The Pick Up. This series portrays exactly what the title implies: the trip that DJs make from airport or hotel to their designated gig location. As we are deluged with in-the-heat-of -the-moment shots of star DJs on center stage, fists pumping in the air in front of a mass of people, or a dime a dozen self-absorbed Instagram selfies, it’s high time to provide some counterbalance by capturing artists in the beauty of the mundane. 

Before introducing our first artist we shortly want to introduce the two returning driving forces behind The Pick Up who deserve special thanks for their cooperation. Firstly there’s Timo, the originator of the concept and a well sought after Amsterdam-based photographer (although we’re probably not allowed to say so due to his unbearable modesty). Then there’s Charles, esteemed artist handler and driver for such Amsterdam clubs and promoters as Trouw, DGTL, Voltt and De Marktkantine. Because of his photogenic appearance Charles will be a returning figure in the photo series, as well as the main driver of all our future pick ups.

The first instalment in the series is larger than life Bristolian Eats Everything (real name Daniel Pearce), producer, DJ and, since 2015, runner of his house imprint Edible; just recently dropping a hit EP in collaboration with Green Velvet in the form of “Duster”. Eats’ high energy and bass heavy sound has won over the hearts of many in- and outside his home country, and is gradually starting to make name in the Netherlands too, with a busy gig schedule that is taking him to Amsterdam Open Air, Straf_Werk Festival and Nazomeren Festival, as well as appearances at Ruis and Nassau Festival this spring.

It was for his gig at Nassau Festival that we were joining Daniel and his tour manager Ben. Welcomed by Ben at their hotel next to Schiphol mid afternoon we soon met up with a just-awoken (an intense tour schedule of course doesn’t allow for regular sleeping hours) but highly energetic Eats. A few laughs in, Timo was ready to start shooting away as we walked out of the hotel and entered our Nassau Festival artist van.

“What the fuck ever happened to DJ Jean?”

After making some strong points on whether or not to buy vinyl of newly released records in the Beatport age, we inevitably struck banter gold by introducing DJ Jean to the conversation. Of our very own prolific DJ hero, who is known by most Dutch dance fans as The Master Of The Wheels Of SteelDaniel amusingly recalled how at one point during the nineties, “the whole of Europe was dancing to Get Ready For The Launch! What the fuck ever happened to that guy?” We guess it was probably the combination of cocaine and consistent creative drought.

Arriving at the festival site, we immediately saw the perfect shared photo-op we had envisioned for Eats and Charles: one of the golf carts for riding artists to the various stages. After Timo captured what can only be called a glorious moment of pure stardust, we all climbed aboard the rickety mini vehicle, to be taken to the Straf_Werk stage where Daniel was about to go on. Arriving on stage, the festival’s own photographer gets in position, waiting for the big drop to come and capture it..

Eats Everything is playing Off Road at Transport, Rotterdam this Friday. 


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Special thanks to:

Timo Steenvoorden 
Charles Borghstijn
Nassau Festival