After last week’s regretful event, Tiesto has been hospitalized again. This time not because of an LED-screen (or his own set) but by a frantic woman in Wisconsin who was dissatisfied with the way he played.

Tiesto was playing in the American state of Wisconsin. What started out as a nice party would eventually turn out into a catastrophe when a female visitor brought a swift end to the night. Halfway through his set, a frantic woman climbed onto the DJ booth and showed everybody that she wasn’t pleased with the music she was hearing. She started attacking the superstar, broke the CDJ’s and mixer and snatched his AKG by Tiesto-headphones from him and started beating him with it on the head, which had gone through more than enough the week before.

The motivation for the woman’s actions have been explained by bystanders: she was celebrating her 30th birthday in the club that night with a group of friends. After her reckless act people saw her running out of the venue, holding her birthday cake under her arm. There is still no trace of her.

Meanwhile, the blows to his head with his own headphone had resulted in a minor concussion for Tiesto. First-aid workers then called an ambulance after which the DJ was brought to hospital, where he is still recovering now. We hope that next weekend will be a bit more peaceful for Tiesto.