From full artistic control of booking to a customized earprint, we take a look at some of the apps and updates of the month this past June 2016.

This month it seems as though all applications only come in iOS versions. Did we miss any? Let us know what your favourite apps from the past month were.

MIDI Designer Pro 2 | iOS

A major update to the original MIDI controller platform for iOS, MIDI Designer Pro 2 includes new features like a redesigned look,IAP with new control types: Image Panels, Pickers and Meters, and new Preset Packs.

Mimi | iOS

Mimi is the #1 go­to place for personalized sound, testing your hearing with their hearing test app and uses your hearing profile to personalize music to your very individual hearing capabilities called your “Earprint”. Additionally, Mimi’s unique patent­ pending processing technology makes sure that you hear everything crisper, clearer and “louder” without increasing the absolute gain.

Pare Booking | iOS

Pare is the only booking platform that allows artists to independently and professionally manage every aspect of the booking process through a clean and simple mobile application. Pare features a clean, straightforward, and highly functional design that makes booking your events.With just a few clicks you can view offers, submit counter-offers, sign contracts, manage your expenses, and get paid all in one place.

Ruismaker | iOS

The first drum synthesizer plugin for iOS. Works conveniently inside your sequencer and Audio Unit Instrument hosts so you can focus on making electronic music without app switching and screen juggling like before.