Remember that disused fort in the river Thames that went up for sale this summer? It has actually been bought now. The Victorian building, built in a series of coastal defence projects in the 19th century, left much to be desired regarding looks but has now been obtained by a buyer who wishes to remain anonymous.

The original asking price for the ‘Grain Tower Battery’ was set at £500.000 (roughly 635.000) but was eventually lowered to £400.000, still a bargain for what it is that you are gaining ownership of. A nice one-bedroom flat in the centre of London would be double the price – the same goes for one in the centre of Amsterdam come to think of it.

Berghain-At-Sea 5
Perhaps just as remarkable as the news itself was the crowd funding campaign set up by a couple of friends on ‘Gofundme’, where they laid out their dream for an awesomely-sounding ‘Berghain-At-Sea’. Their plan was to raise enough money to buy and renovate the fort and turn it into one of the most exclusive nightclubs the world had ever seen. As it lies off-land, during tide the fort is standing in high water, which means that you would have to be escorted by boat to the venue. Or a helicopter.

Whether the buyer has the same plan in mind is still a mystery, as they will not be unveiled until all planning permissions to renovate the property have been approved. Fingers crossed..

Source: Independent | FACT Magazine

Berghain-At-Sea 6                  the swimming Pool

Berghain-At-Sea 7                  the skylounge view