The summer in Amsterdam will again be sprawling with festivals. A steady name in the season is Buiten Westen, which promises to be another fine get together of thrill seekers, hot artists, festival cuisine and carnivalesque attractions. One of the musical highlights that day will be Monkey Safari, the colourful duo from Halle that the world can’t seem to get enough of. 

Hailing from Halle, the Monkey Safari gents are known as true nightlife addicts and lovers of club culture. As owners of the legendary Charles Bronson club and purveyors of labels like What!What! Records (since 2008) & Mambo (since 2011), they truly are ambassadors of house and techno in their hometown.

Their music is known to have a characteristic blend of happy, silly sounds; the direct result of their combined creativity. tropically flavoured, crossed with an electric spark, ideal for drunken nights out, falling off heels and losing half of your drink to the dance floor. They merrily merge different music genres and styles from all over the globe: sometimes soft and melodic, sometimes deep and conscious, at others down and dirty.

This unique sound will be showcased by the boys @ Buiten Westen Festival, which takes place at the 19th of July. This will be their third edition of the festival already, and will again bring a carefully selected line-up to the table, sporting local talent and a range of international headliners together for a cozy party. The individual stages are hosted by the leading and experienced Amsterdam festival organizations like Pleinvrees, Next Monday’s Hangover, ZeeZout and NGHTDVSN. Next to Monkey Safari you can expect Claptone, MCDE, TEED, Rick Wade, Michael Mayer, Pachanga Boys, Daniel Avery, Andhim, Joris Delacroix live, Worakls live & much more. Press play, and get a taste of what’s comin’..

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Pleinvrees stage: Joris Delacroix live | Worakls live | Andhim | Monkey Safari | N’to live | Illesnoise | Isaac Stern | HVOB live |

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