Bursting onto the scene in January 2010 with the release of their first vinyl album, NTFO has since found a home on the likes of Diynamic and their own Sintope Vinyl Series.

Boasting many of the scene’s biggest names as supporters, the Romanian duo now releases on the likes of Objektivity and (upcoming) 20/20 Vision with a re-focused musical identity. This new direction has landed NTFO on the esteemed Air London roster, which also boasts acts like Bill Patrick, Subb-an, Thomas Melchior & others.

Hosting their own daytime/nightime event series at Timisoara, Romania’s brand new underground club database, NTFO continues to solidify their position as premiere Romanian Dance Music ambassadors with their concept In Loop, bringing upcoming international artists to Romania.

Here the new sounds of NTFO with this exclusive mixtape, the 322nd of our series!

Soundcloud Artist Page

1. Levi Verspeek – Hmmm (Slapfunk Records)
2. remus – shaped (unreleased)
3. Archie Hamilton – Dos Equis (Moscow Records) 4. NTFO – Planetarium (unreleased)
5. Piktor – French Kiss (Lokomotiv)
6. r.hitect – untitled A2 (r.hitect)
7. NTFO – Fresh Cut (20/20 Vision)
8. Burnski – Get Up (Constant Sound)
9. NTFO – Jomanfish (20/20 Vision)
10. NTFO – Galore (Sintope Vinyl Series)
11. Djebali – Heartgroover (Arapu rework)
12. S.A.M. – delaphine006 B1 (delaphine)