Do you have a particular Amsterdam experience that stands out to you (performance, personal and/or otherwise)?
MMM….that’s a tough one, because I play in Holland and Amsterdam quite regularly, particularly throughout the summer, with the weekly festival schedules! It’s truly outstanding the healthy demand that the Dutch have for techno,. then those cold autumn/winter nights in the infamous Gashouder……

How does it you feel being voted into RA’s Live Act Top 20 once again?  Describe what the RA list means amongst your peers?
I guess it’s probably one of the more recognised voting polls for dj’s, and live acts, so a lot of people take note of them. This was my 3rd year in the top 20, so to be amongst so many amazing artists is an honour in itself!

What are your (personal and/or professional) highlights of the past year? Do you have any resolutions for 2015?
Setting up my studio in Berlin to write music, and actually getting quite a lot done whilst touring was a massive challenge, but it was achieved and I feel like I finished some of my best productions to date.

Resolutions for 2015…….Nope.

Did you perform at any new locations in 2014 which left an impression on you?  Countries, Clubs, Festivals, etc?
I’ve spent a few more weekends in Brazil this year than previous years, and there was a very cool vibe that I connected with, the people, the groove…… South America is one of my favourite places to play, Argentina, Peru, Chile, and now Brazil is one of those truly special places!

Describe the state of Irish dance music? For those who may not know, what are some seminal Irish techno institutions?
I cut my teeth so to speak, here in Dublin. this is where I was first introduced to techno, at clubs like, The Red Box, Switch, The Music Centre, Mono.  The scene here like in many other countries has had it’s ups and downs, however now I feel it’s strong again, with multiple international choices every weekend….that has to be a healthy sign, no?

Are there any new artists on your radar that you feel people should start familiarizing themselves with?
There are so many new artists pushing through now, more than ever. Some stand out new acts I’ve seen pushing through on Minus being, Whyt Noise, Joran van Pol, Joop Junior, Fer Ber, so many new talented artists to mention….

Now with a number of years under your belt, how would you compare your approach to production/performance now versus when you first started out?
I feel that I have a solid formula in place, something I’ve had to work on constantly modifying over the past 2/3 years, in saying that I’m always thinking of new options for performance, especially going into 2015 now, were working on a whole new set up and approach to performances…..keep watching.

Update: On Saturday, 24th of January, Matador will be making his appearance at fabric London for a star-spangled night together with Craig Richards and Josh Wink in area 1, while the 2nd and 3rd room will be hosted by the likes of Terry Francis, Peter van Hoesen and Brodanse.

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