As a Cologne DJ/Producer, would you also like to do something for Kompakt in the future?
Yes definitely. I’ve known Kompakt since I started and this label is one of the most interesting ones, releasing so many different talents and styles. Really would love to do something there. Maybe some day I’ll send a demo.

You come from a musical family and started playing the piano at the age of 5. As a classical schooled producer, what do you think of all the digital solutions that sideline instruments?
Learning a classical instrument is a very important requirement to use all these digital solutions nowadays, they enhance each other, so I’m very glad that we have so many possibilities to express our tendencies. The diversity in music is so huge today. I’m a big supporter of this great development.

Do you think digital sounds and equipment will ever fully replace analog?
No. Creating sounds through these analog instruments require technical room and space to express the full potential. I think software will never be capable to reach this standard. Though I must say that the software got much more effective nowadays compared to the past.

Let’s stay in the science fiction realm: What’s behind the name of your upcoming album: Interstellar Destiny?
The title Interstellar Destiny means something in the way of “universal meaning” or “human purpose”. Every track describes a process or a situation of our lives here on planet earth. Whether a process is natural or man-made: every track describes a beautiful or not so beautiful facet of our existence. I could have used a different word than “Interstellar” but the word itself is a very beautiful way to express something universal.

Perhaps you’ve seen the movie Interstellar, where a group of people goes out to explore deep space for new habitable planets. If this were real, would you be interested in participating in such a project and what role would you like to have?
I’m not sure because I think that there is still so much to explore on earth and our existence, that there will be no need for me to leave this planet yet. Of course I am curious about all these interesting questions but I think I found my destiny here on earth, creating music for the people here.

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It’s your first full length album. Can you describe the process of this project? Did it go the way you expected it to be?
It took me two years to create a good constellation of tracks. After a year I realized that I actually worked on an album. So there were many ups and downs of course. But now I am very happy with the result. Many people helped me out in which direction it might go, such as family and good friends. And of course my singer Mahfoud who had influence on the tracks he is singing on.

What’s your destiny as a DJ/Producer?
To create music for everybody. Take people on a personal journey and maybe to give them a hint to remember how important music is to our society.

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