Was it naivety or just a stupid misfortune? That is the question being raised after a story broke of Trouw visitor who had his shoes stolen after lending them to a girl he didn’t know during the final day of the venue’s recent Club Night Weekender. 

During the final hours of last weekend’s marathon in Trouw a mysterious girl approached the unsuspecting Neal for a rather peculiar favour. She asked him if she could borrow his shoes for a while so that she could dance properly, followed by the promise that she would return them within a minute or ten. Neal, in all his kindness, lent the girl his shoes after which she went off to the dance floor. Or so he thought. Because after nearly twenty minutes past, the girl still hadn’t shown up.

When he started asking around it soon became clear that the mystery girl (whose name sadly isn’t known) had already left the club, with Neal’s shoes, leaving Neal with cold feet while also having to return homewards on just his socks. His Facebook post (Dutch only) with the remarkable story has started to live a life of its own, and has become pretty hilarious in tone when comedians started to make fun of Neal’s troubles through various photoshops and other practical jokes, some of which didn’t go down well with the sock-sporting victim.

FB commenter: “Please give this man a life-long guest list spot for Shoeless!”

Whether Neal himself was completely out of his mind by lending a complete stranger the shoes, or whether the girl was too far gone to remember that it weren’t her shoes she was walking on, remains unanswered. But if you are the girl in question and you are reading this: don’t be a moron and give this man his shoes back, and buy a pair of sneakers of your own while you’re at it.

If you have any tips that can help this fallen hero, then please let us know. And guys: never, ever give your shoes to a girl you don’t know, no matter how hot she looks.